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A Resilient Travel Industry Will Overcome Any Challenge

I feel honored to work in an industry that, when faced with real hardship, bands together to provide relief to and to draw strength from one another.  The cruise industry's response to the hurricanes that devastated parts of the Caribbean is a testament to the dedication and compassion that we should all lead by. Business goals took a back seat to the humanitarian response.
These are difficult times for so many in communities around the hemisphere, from the Gulf Coast to the Caribbean, Florida, Las Vegas, the Pacific Northwest and California.
Countless supplier partners from tour operators, car rental companies and airlines have worked tirelessly to provide relief – their efforts driven by the desire to do help those in need.  We call supplier sponsors at ASTA - 'Proud Partners.'  Reading and hearing about your good work makes us proud to call you a part of the ASTA family.  
Over the past few weeks I've connected with members in affected destinations across the country. As you can imagine, storm and natural disaster devastation has created tremendous uncertainty.  And the economic uncertainty will only become greater if travelers avoid the Caribbean, the vineyards in California, or the dazzling lights of Las Vegas.
On Saturday, I'll be riding my bike 100 miles – and contributing for every mile I ride to Tourism Cares Destination Disaster Recovery Fund. Now just because I've never ridden 100 miles before doesn't mean I can't. Those of you who have met me in person will understand the challenge I'm facing!  But this weekend's ride pales in comparison to the journey ahead for many of our travel partners in the Caribbean, Florida and California. 
It often seems that there's just too much to do for one person or one company to make a difference. But I implore each of us to find that one thing that we CAN do. One thing of which I am certain is how resilient our industry is.  Now's the time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. There are so many ways to get involved and I hope you find your own way to contribute - because we're all in this together.  
I've also been so proud of the work being done by ASTA members, of the care you've provided the traveling public.  Working overtime, and sacrificing your own time and resources to re-accommodate travelers and bring loved ones to safety.  You are our heroes!  It's you who can keep the tourism lifeline flowing to the areas that are rebuilding.  Our supplier partners and destinations have no better advocates for our shared future than YOU. Thank you for making all of the staff at ASTA Headquarters proud.  You've proven again that having an experienced travel advocate is more valuable than ever before. 
Your friend in travel,
Zane Kerby
President & CEO
American Society of Travel Agents

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SAVE THE DATE:  November 19. 2020
Same place, Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco.  Same dinner, same chocolate turkey to our supplier friends.  And same grateful welcome from us all!

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