President's Call to Action

Dear Members,

We know we are in a region blessed with opportunity--traffic aside.  All professional ASTA agents report to be extremely
busy--I think WAVE SEASON started last August.

We welcome you to join us in thanking our suppliers March 15 at Michael's in Mt. View--WEAR GREEN
These are the professionals we all turn to for special attention, solutions, supplies, training--everything a quality
representative does for us all the time.  As in the past merry gatherings, we offer amusing comments about these
special people.

There is a lot going on with ASTA.

ASTA has added ten new chapters across the US.  If you ever looked at the chapter map on the ASTA website some
chapter areas were multi states--just does not work to build community.  In the West the new chapters we are assisting
to grow are Dallas, Portland, Seattle, and Montana-this last will be a virtual chapter to cover Montana/Idaho/Eastern
Washington, and Alaska.  The new president Darcy is a second generation ASTA member definitely up for this challenge.

Yes, Portland, and Seattle had chapters in the past--now are rebuilding.

SELLER OF TRAVEL LAW news--Legislation Day in Sacramento is March 20.  You are very welcome to join me--so important.

We expect the focus on opposition to another attempt to tax gross sales.  We also have a 3PM appointment with the Insurance
Department to attempt to clean up the law passed several years ago blocking our legal ability to give general travel insurance

The California Coalition of Travel Organizations, of which Nor Cal ASTA is one of the founders, now has new members including
Travel Leaders, PATH, and Virtuoso. The long time members include So Cal ASTA, Orange County ASTA, USTOA, SYTA,
Signature, WESTA, and Ensemble.

I will tell you I spend the majority of my happily volunteer time working with the CCTO members on issues which affect all of
our businesses.  Many problems you may never know about, because this team has worked hard to solve before the issue

Again, please join us next week--we all need a break to enjoy our unique community

Best wishes,

Marilyn Zelaya
Chapter President


PRESIDENT                           Marilyn Bell Zelaya

PAST-PRESIDENT                  Scott Pinheiro

1st VICE PRESIDENT              Paul Demers

2nd VICE PRESIDENT             Chris Minoletti

TREASURER                           Annette Weber

SECRETARY                            Audrey Cooper

CHAIR, ASTAPAC                     Paul Taylor


AFFAIRS COMMITTEE             Les Burger

PRODUCT SEMINAR                Paula Quon

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR            Antonio Paez

Upcoming ASTA Events
We hope you'll join us at one of our upcoming shows!

Upcoming Chapter Events:


HPS/Oahu -
October 24/29, 2018

"Cruise Night".-
November 15, 2018 - Basque Cultural Center, So. SFO


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