President's Call to Action

Dear Members,

Fires. Hurricanes. Turkey. Cuba.

If there ever was a time to rely on the official statements from ASTA it is now.

The fires are a source of great worry and sorrow for the suffering in Santa Rosa and the wine country.

Many of you gave hours to protect travelers caught in the hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Many
have family and friends directly impacted by all of these natural disasters.

Turkey--the visa issue. Please refer to the ASTA web site for current advice.

Cuba--another situation in which travel agents should have as much information as possible to guide
passengers. Les Burger and I serve on the ASTA government affairs committee. The most recent information I can state is that Eben Peck, VP government affairs for ASTA, has requested clarification from the government office responsible for Cuba travel. Again, refer to the ASTA web site for proper information.

ASTA has created a new certification for travel agents, called VTA. (those of us in the Santa Clara valley will think of the local transportation system!) I suspect many of you have never taken the time to earn the various certifications available through the Travel Institute. This is supposed to be different. Hilton Hotels is paying the fee for all chapter presidents to take the course. I will do so and let you know how it is. I believe Hilton Hotels is offering a wide range of scholarships for members to take the course. Again, refer to the ASTA web site.
Yes, this is a half baked newsletter. Too much sorrow and worry this month.

On the bright side, and thanks to the arrangements from our HPS Chair, Paula Quon, the 46th annual Hawaii Product Seminar begins Oct. 26 on the Island of Hawaii. Antonio Paez, our Executive Director tells us he has a very full program for Cruise Night, November 16 at the Basque Cultural Center. Invitations will be sent soon.

Lastly--my opinion. The ASTA convention in San Diego in late August was the most interesting, most professional and really the most fun event sponsored by ASTA in years.

Stay safe!


Marilyn Zelaya
Chapter President


PRESIDENT                           Marilyn Bell Zelaya

PAST-PRESIDENT                  Scott Pinheiro

1st VICE PRESIDENT              Paul Demers

2nd VICE PRESIDENT             Chris Minoletti

TREASURER                           Annette Weber

SECRETARY                            Audrey Cooper

CHAIR, ASTAPAC                     Paul Taylor


AFFAIRS COMMITTEE             Les Burger

PRODUCT SEMINAR                Paula Quon

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR            Antonio Paez

Upcoming ASTA Events
We hope you'll join us at one of our upcoming shows!

Upcoming Chapter Events:

HPS/Oahu -
October 24/29, 2018

"Cruise Night".-
November 15, 2018 - Basque Cultural Center, So. SFO


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